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V for Vendetta

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The book begins with the members of the state secret police trying to rape a young sixteen year old Evey Hammond. 'V', who sports a Guy Fawkes mask saves her. 'V' has been trying to overthrow the government and he begins by getting rid of a pedophile priest and mentally deranging the propaganda broadcasting personality. A little into the story, we soon realize that 'V' was once a victim of a cruel chemical experiment performed by the government. Everyone other than 'V' perished in those experiments and he was bestowed with exceptional reflexes and a high threshold for pain. 'V' routinely sabotages and murders people who had been involved in the chemical experiments. V sets in motion a chain of events that will ensure that the people get what they want and the government is overthrown. Will V manage to take revenge on everyone who was involved with the experiments?
Author Alan Moore
Artist David Lloyd
Language English
Binding Paperback
Pages 296 Pages

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