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Parshu Warrior

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A city under threat, a broken warrior and a raging unstoppable force was Parshu-MAYHEM, the first issue in this arc. Dark forces, yet unknown, have triggered a chain of events that will drive the world towards a future of dark and despair. Parshu grapples with his faith as he embarks on a personal journey that might destroy him completely, for the path is deep and dangerous. But a path he must walk to face his inner demons and to mend what lies broken within him. Parshu-WARRIORS is a grand follow up to MAYHEM, and binds within the origins of Akoi, the spear wielding superhero-warrior from Nagaland whilst also touches on the past of Rahu. It creates a world of warriors, an arena where collision between them is inevitable.
Author Raveesh Mohan
Language English
Binding Paperback
Pages 74 Pages

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