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Batman Death Mask

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The Batman is infallible, more so due to his years of seclusion and training around the world. Included in that training history is a brief spell in Japan, where he learnt much about self-discipline and martial arts. When a series of murders rocks Gotham, the World's Greatest Detective is vexed to find that the murders have a link to his past, and to his stint in Japan in particular. Can he discover the murderer's identity soon or will his own identity as Bruce Wayne be at risk? If the Dark Knight cannot solve this mystery soon, Gotham's underworld will shake under the tremours of this new vigilante, one who doesn't have a problem with killing whoever he deems evil and unworthy of living. Yoshinori Natsume's touches on the graphic novel add a manga-like look to the series and bring readers an alternate view of the Caped Crusader and the experience of reading a Batman manga is theirs for the taking.
Author Yoshinori Natsume
Artist Various Artist
Language English
Binding Paperback
Pages 192 Pages

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