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Hyderabad - Every City is a Story

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The History of Hyderabad, a city in the Deccan region of India, spans over 400 years. It is a history rich in myth and legend. A history that ranges from its fabulous diamond mines to its present status as one of the Information Technology hubs of the world. Hyderabad A GRAPHIC NOVEL is part of Every City is a Story, a unique city-centric storytelling initiative. Review: What makes this graphic novel spectacular is the wealth of age and antiquity that Undurti manages to bring to life in a way that is not only modern and exciting, but doesn't lose that weight of time resting on the story; spilling centuries old sand to reveal gems of tales and words that twine together to create the tangled webs of myth, legend, fairytale and brushed-off conversations that build a city of life and love and wonder out of well-trodden streets and statuesque buildings. - Conori Bell-Bhuiyan, Broken Frontiers.
Language English
Binding Paperback
Pages 88 Pages

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