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An ordinary man - thrust into extraordinary circumstances. A father torn from his family. A simple m..

Rs. 140

The Aghori's journey continues. Vira teams up with Ashwin again - this time to follow the words of a..

Rs. 140

"Series of the year nominee, Aghori returns this May with the much awaited Book 3. Vira has recov..

Rs. 190

Back out of hell and helpless to save his son, Vira spirals into the depths of a depression as the e..

Rs. 239

As the mysterious Assassin, Essan Selhem stalks Krona we're taken back to ancient persia where we le..

Rs. 130

This is it! The grand finale to the much appreciated comic book series Ravanayan! With armies ass..

Rs. 160 Rs. 136

Forthcoming Item, Releasing in August 2014.   PRE-ORDER AT SPECIAL PRICE WITH ATTRACTIVE ..

Rs. 280 Rs. 224

After his audience with Brahma and subsequent taking over of the kingdom of Lanka to wage war upon t..

Rs. 70 Rs. 63

In the 5th instalment of the much-loved Ravanayan saga, creators Vivek Goel and Vijayendra Mohanty r..

Rs. 40

The burning of Lanka marked the beginning of open hostilities between the vanara sena and Ravana's a..

Rs. 70 Rs. 63

From the house of Ravanayan and The Aghori comes a new saga of legendary proportions. Delve deep int..

Rs. 195

Trapped without hope in the otherworldly darkness, a band of soldiers will uncover secrets lost to t..

Rs. 195

Ghatotkach Dwapara yuga saw the ascension of humans as the most powerful creatures on the face of e..

Rs. 160

A demon, a god, a king, an avatar, a son. Lord Shiva collected five heads in his rosary. We tell you..

Rs. 295
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