Indian Graphic Novels

From comic book legend, Grant Morrison (Batman, All Stars Superman, The Invisibles, Dinosaurs Vs. Al..

Rs. 495 Rs. 395

The characters are huge, cool, easy to identify with, to cheer and hiss at. The stakes are high, as ..

Rs. 495 Rs. 395

The follow up to the cult comic "Angry Maushi", 'Second Blood' is a stand alone episode following th..

Rs. 160 Rs. 144

Blind Spot' binds together four different stories between the covers, each story peeking into the da..

Rs. 180 Rs. 160

Eons ago, the Gods faced off a rebel among their number. The god Bala threatened the very existence ..

Rs. 395 Rs. 315

The renegade God Bala has returned and all reality stands to be threatened. However, all is not lost..

Rs. 395 Rs. 315

The god Bala has been defeated. But Tara Mehta, the present incarnation of Devi refuses to leave Sit..

Rs. 495 Rs. 395

Tara Mehta barely remembers being human. But it is that humanity that she must hold on to if she has..

Rs. 495 Rs. 395

Sholay is perhaps one of the most epic Bollywood movies of all time. The movie featured one of the m..

Rs. 295 Rs. 235

The History of Hyderabad, a city in the Deccan region of India, spans over 400 years. It is a histor..

Rs. 300 Rs. 240

A mysterious illness spreads across Mumbai, people are falling prey to it in droves. A cure needs to..

Rs. 220 Rs. 175

Parshu, gifted yet vulnerable. A warrior by birth and bloodline but is he battle ready? Mentored by ..

Rs. 400

A saga of unparalleled evil and unprecedented events unfolds. brace yourselves for extreme Mayhem. F..

Rs. 220 Rs. 150

A brutal tragedy triggers the transformation of a young boy into a warrior, a warrior he was always ..

Rs. 160 Rs. 144

Parshu is the third issue in the Parshu books in the series. The team..

Rs. 160
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